Tibet Travel permits are additional papers required to tour in Tibet. Once you have confirmed your tour with us, we will obtain the necessary travel permit for you, but in order to do so, we need you to provide copies of certain documents. We need a clear scan of your passport picture page and your Chinese visa (which should also be in your passport) a month prior to your trip. We will take care of everything else in regards to your permit. Those who don’t have a Chinese tourist visa (L), and are in China under alternative circumstances, must provide any additional documents that allow for travel within China. These documents may include your student certificate, if you are studying as a foreigner in China, a work permit or a residence permit.




There are different types of Chinese visas with different rules:

  1. Tourist (L) visa requires no extra documentation and you can send us the copy of your passport and Chinese visa.
  2. Business (F) visas require that you provide a letter from your company or school with this visa.
  3. Student (X) visas require that you give proof of your enrollment at your place of study, and copy of student ID and letter from your school.
  4. Work (Z) visas require that you also send us a copy of your work permit and an official letter from your company.
  5. Journalist ( J ) visa, we are not able to arrange the Tibet Travel Permit therefore please contact the foreign affairs office.
  6. Resident (D) visas require you to send us a resident card and other documents you obtained with resident visa when you applied.
  7. Crew (C) visas require a letter from your company and a copy of crew member ID.


From Mainland China

There are two ways to get to Tibet; by plane or take a train.

If you are entering Tibet by plane from Mainland China, you will need the original permit with you at the airport. We will send this to you, at your address in China, whether this be your apartment, hotel or hostel. If you will take the train to Tibet, you will only need a photocopy of the permit which we can send to you by email or by post.


From Nepal

There are also two ways to enter Tibet from Nepal; by plane or by road vehicle.

If you would like to enter Tibet from Nepal by plane or by road vehicle, you are required to apply for a Group Tourist Visa, which is a single entry visa, at the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu. You must be sure of the duration of your itinerary in Tibet, as the visa will only allow you to remain there for the stipulated number of days as agreed and arranged by you for the purpose of your visa. Once you have entered Tibet, you are unable to extend your stay. From Nepal, the visa you will obtain will be a group visa, which means that individuals from your group must remain with the group for the duration of your trip. As this visa is also valid in Mainland China and is valid for the duration stipulated on your visa as previously agreed by you and your guide – usually no more than 30 days – you must include the duration in which you intend to remain in China following your trip through Tibet. After we have confirmed the itinerary with you, and when we have received scanned copies of your passports and other requested documents, we will send the visa application to the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal. Once you have arrived in Kathmandu, our partner travel agency will collect your visas from the Chinese embassy with your original passports. Please bear in mind that we need at least two working days to be able to get you your visa.



 Normal: 3 working days; Urgent: 2 working days; Top Urgent: 1 working day 

The working day refers to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Extra service charge by our partner travel agency Nepal will be applied.

If you do not have a fixed plan in China, you should work with the agency to apply for the longest period of time, up to 30 days.

Please be aware that the group visa is a special type of visa to Tibet. A Chinese visa obtained before automatically expires when the new one is given.