Touch Tibet Tour Desk

We are a local Tibetan tour company operating since 2006 organizing a wide range of tailor made tours of our holy land. Our company is run by young, enthusiastic Tibetans who are very knowledgeable regarding their region and who are very proud of their heritage. We can tailor your trip according to the size of your group, the desired length of your stay and your budget allowance (within reason of course!). We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to make sure that you fully enjoy your time with us and we make it our priority to deliver the best service, making sure that our clients have the maximum opportunity to experience the authenticity and natural beauty that Tibet has to offer. We will also ensure that you have a safe as well as a rewarding experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help or advice regarding a potential trip.


Our homeland, isolated for hundreds of years behind the walls of the Himalayas, is considered a sacred land by many religions and, as the ‘Roof of the world’, maintains the culture of our ancestors who only decades earlier, lived a traditional life that Tibetans had been living for thousands of years. We have seen great changes to our homeland in recent times, but it is our pleasure to invite you to experience our ancient culture and see the traditions that are waiting to be discovered in hidden temples across the unique and beautiful landscape of Tibet. In what many of our guests have called a life changing experience, we offer you the opportunity to discover how our ancestors found spiritual enlightenment and awareness in a land that is like no other. Touch Tibet Tour is the ultimate experience for anyone seeking a once in a lifetime trip that you will want to take again, and again, and again…

Our Expert Team

Tashi Delek friends from all corners of the world! I have been working as a tour guide here in Tibet since 2006 and I initially started off because international friends of mine that visited me and asked me to take them on a tour of Tibet, encouraged me to start a business where I could share my passion for my homeland and educate people all over the world about Tibet. With all my years of experience I have not lost that passion and it continues to give me great pleasure to meet new people and watch them fall in love with this holy land.

Tour guide
Tashi Delek! I thoroughly enjoy sharing the culture and history of Tibet with our international guests and to show them the amazing landscape of the Tibetan highlands. I am very interested and enthusiastic about learning languages and I have studied the Tibetan language extensively alongside Buddhist philosophy. In 2005 I became a tour guide for small groups wanting to travel through and learn about Tibet. These days, I enjoy taking groups of all sizes on different routes through Tibet and showing our guests the history and the beauty that it has to offer.

Tour Advisor
I have been a licensed local Tibetan tour guide for many years now, particularly knowledgeable about the western part of Tibet in Ngari where you can find the sacred mountain, ‘Mount Kailash’. But I have taken groups through areas all over Tibet. It would be my pleasure to guide you safely through our holy land and show you the beauty of Tibet.

Tour Guide
I am from Gyantse County in Tibet and I am a Japanese speaking tour Guide and leading groups around Tibet from last few years and I was assistant to a highly experienced local senior tour guide, and after my training I took many Japanese around Tibet to show our culture and heritage. I have been on many excursions with Gelek and his crew and I was delighted when he asked me to be a part of his team

Tenpa Choesang
Japanese Tour Guide